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Progress in Medical Physics 2020;31(4):135-204
Original Articles
Linear Energy Transfer Dependence Correction of Spread-Out Bragg Peak Measured by EBT3 Film for Dynamically Scanned Proton Beams
Moonhee Lee, Sunghwan Ahn, Wonjoong Cheon, Youngyih Han
Progress in Medical Physics 2020;31(4):135-144
High-Dose-Rate Electron-Beam Dosimetry Using an Advanced Markus Chamber with Improved IonRecombination Corrections
Dong Hyeok Jeong, Manwoo Lee, Heuijin Lim, Sang Koo Kang, Kyoung Won Jang
Progress in Medical Physics 2020;31(4):145-152
Dosimetric Evaluation of an Automatically Converted Radiation Therapy Plan between Radixact Machines
Mi Young Lee, Dae Gyu Kang, Jin Sung Kim
Progress in Medical Physics 2020;31(4):153-162
Improvement of Calculation Accuracy in the Electron Monte Carlo Algorithm with Optional Air Profile Measurements
Jiwon Sung, Hyeongmin Jin, Jeongho Kim, Jong Min Park, Jung-in Kim, Chang Heon Choi, Minsoo Chun
Progress in Medical Physics 2020;31(4):163-171
Structure of an Oncology Information System Based on a Cost-Effective Relational Database for Small Departments of Radiation Oncology
Hosang Jeon, Dong Woon Kim, Ji Hyeon Joo, Yongkan Ki, Wontaek Kim, Dahl Park, Jiho Nam, Dong Hyeon Kim
Progress in Medical Physics 2020;31(4):172-178
Dosimetric Comparison of Noncoplanar and Coplanar Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy Plans for Esophageal Cancer
So-Yeon Park
Progress in Medical Physics 2020;31(4):179-188
Technical Notes
Characteristics of Magnetic Resonance-Based Attenuation Correction Map on Phantom Study in Positron Emission Tomography/Magnetic Resonance Imaging System
Cheolpyo Hong
Progress in Medical Physics 2020;31(4):189-193
Trend Analysis on Korean and International Management for Activated Material Waste from Medical Linear Accelerator
Na Hye Kwon, Young Jae Jang, Dong Wook Kim, Dong Oh Shin, Kum Bae Kim, Jin Sung Kim, Sang Hyoun Choi
Progress in Medical Physics 2020;31(4):194-204
Progress in Medical Physics is the official journal of the Korean Society of Medical Physics. Progress in Medical Physics is a peer reviewed and open access journal dedicated to publishing advanced research in medical physics. Publications of the journal are related to the ...
Imaging Characteristics of Computed Radiography Systems
Jiyoung Jung*, Hye-Suk Park*, Hyo-Min Cho*, Chang-Lae Lee*,Sora Nam, Young-Jin Lee*, Hee-Joung Kim*
An Empirical Study on Quantitative Evaluation of Cognitive Function
Wan-Seok Ryu*, Hyunggun Kim, Sung-Taek Chung*
Comparison Study of Image Quality of Direct and Indirect Conversion Digital Mammography System
Hye-Suk Park*, Yuna Oh, Hee-Jeong Jo, Sang Tae Kim, Yu-Na Choi*, Hee-Joung Kim*