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Prog. Med. Phys. 2018;29(3):81-100
Review Article
Effect of Particulate Matter on Human Health, Prevention, and Imaging Using PET or SPECT
Javeria Zaheer, Jongho Jeon, Seung-Bok LeeΙΙ, Jin Su Kim
Prog. Med. Phys. 2018;29(3):81-91
Original Article
Efficient Verification of X-ray Target Replacement for the C-series High Energy Linear Accelerator
Jin Dong Cho, Minsoo Chun, Jaeman Son, Hyun Joon An, Jeongmin Yoon, Chang Heon Choi, Jung-in Kim, Jong Min Park, Jin Sung Kim
Prog. Med. Phys. 2018;29(3):92-100
Progress in Medical Physics is the official journal of the Korean Society of Medical Physics. Progress in Medical Physics is a peer reviewed and open access journal dedicated to publishing advanced research in medical physics. Publications of the journal are related to the ...
An Empirical Study on Quantitative Evaluation of Cognitive Function
Wan-Seok Ryu*, Hyunggun Kim, Sung-Taek Chung*
Analysis and Investigation for the Status of Radiation Therapy QA in Korea
Sang Hoon Lee*, Juree Kim*, Sam Ju Cho, Kwang Hwan Cho, Chunil Lim, Hyeog Ju Kim, Hyundo Huh, Dong Oh Shin, Sooil Kwon, Jinho Choi
Comparison Study of Image Quality of Direct and Indirect Conversion Digital Mammography System
Hye-Suk Park*, Yuna Oh, Hee-Jeong Jo, Sang Tae Kim, Yu-Na Choi*, Hee-Joung Kim*