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Prog. Med. Phys. 2018;29(4):101-72
Original Articles
Assembly Neutron Moderation System for BNCT Based on a 252Cf Neutron Source
Rouhollah Gheisari, Habib Mohammadi
Prog. Med. Phys. 2018;29(4):101-105
Dosimetric and Radiobiological Evaluation of Dose Volume Optimizer (DVO) and Progressive Resolution Optimizer (PRO) Algorithm against Photon Optimizer on IMRT and VMAT Plan for Prostate Cancer
Yon-Lae Kim, Jin-Beom Chung, Seong-Hee Kang, Keun-Yong Eom, Changhoon Song, In-Ah Kim, Jae-Sung Kim, Jeong-Woo Lee
Prog. Med. Phys. 2018;29(4):106-114
On the Use Factor Analysis and Adequacy Evaluation of CyberKnife Shielding Design Using Clinical Data
Yu Ra Cho, Haijo Jung, Dong Han Lee
Prog. Med. Phys. 2018;29(4):115-122
Guideline on Acceptance Test and Commissioning of High-Precision External Radiation Therapy Equipment
Juhye Kim, Dong Oh Shin, Sang Hyoun Choi, Soonki Min, Nahye Kwon, Unjung Jung, Dong Wook Kim
Prog. Med. Phys. 2018;29(4):123-136
Verification of Extended Source-To-Imager Distance (SID) Correction for Portal Dosimetry
Jaeman Son, Jung-in Kim, Jong Min Park, Chang Heon Choi
Prog. Med. Phys. 2018;29(4):137-142
Feasibility Assessment of Physical Factors of Rectal Cancer Short-Course Chemoradiotherapy with Delayed Surgery
Jihye Koo, Mijoo Chung, Weon Kuu Chung, Sunsik Jin, Dong Wook Kim
Prog. Med. Phys. 2018;29(4):143-149
Anisotropic Total Variation Denoising Technique for Low-Dose Cone-Beam Computed Tomography Imaging
Ho Lee, Jeongmin Yoon, Eungman Lee
Prog. Med. Phys. 2018;29(4):150-156
Dosimetric Evaluation of Plans Converted with the DVH-Based Plan Converter
Minsoo Chun, Chang Heon Choi, Jung-in Kim, Jeongmin Yoon, Sung Young Lee, Ohyun Kwon, Jaeman Son, Hyun Joon An, Seong-Hee Kang, Jong Min Park
Prog. Med. Phys. 2018;29(4):157-163
Analysis of Small-Field Dosimetry with Various Detectors
So-Yeon Park, Byeong Geol Choi, Dong Myung Lee, Na Young Jang
Prog. Med. Phys. 2018;29(4):164-172
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An Empirical Study on Quantitative Evaluation of Cognitive Function
Wan-Seok Ryu*, Hyunggun Kim, Sung-Taek Chung*
Comparison Study of Image Quality of Direct and Indirect Conversion Digital Mammography System
Hye-Suk Park*, Yuna Oh, Hee-Jeong Jo, Sang Tae Kim, Yu-Na Choi*, Hee-Joung Kim*
Analysis and Investigation for the Status of Radiation Therapy QA in Korea
Sang Hoon Lee*, Juree Kim*, Sam Ju Cho, Kwang Hwan Cho, Chunil Lim, Hyeog Ju Kim, Hyundo Huh, Dong Oh Shin, Sooil Kwon, Jinho Choi