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Progress in Medical Physics 2019;30(4):75-159
Review Article
Review of National Diagnostic Reference Levels for Interventional Procedures
Min Young Lee , Jae Kwon , Gang Woo Ryu , Ki Hoon Kim , Hyung Woo Nam , Kwang Pyo Kim
Progress in Medical Physics 2019;30(4):75-88
Original Articles
Low Magnetic Field MRI Visibility of Rubber-Based Markers
Jeong Ho Kim , Seongmoon Jung , Jung-in Kim
Progress in Medical Physics 2019;30(4):89-93
Volumetric-Modulated Arc Radiotherapy Using Knowledge-Based Planning: Application to Spine Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy
Chiyoung Jeong , Jae Won Park , Jungwon Kwak , Si Yeol Song , Byungchul Cho
Progress in Medical Physics 2019;30(4):94-103
Dosimetric Effects of Air Pocket during Magnetic Resonance-Guided Adaptive Radiation Therapy for Pancreatic Cancer
Hyeongmin Jin , Dong-Yun Kim , Jong Min Park , Hyun-Cheol Kang , Eui Kyu Chie , Hyun Joon An
Progress in Medical Physics 2019;30(4):104-111
Therapeutic Proton Beam Range Measurement with EBT3 Film and Comparison with Tool for Particle Simulation
Nuri Lee , Chankyu Kim , Mi Hee Song , Se Byeong Lee
Progress in Medical Physics 2019;30(4):112-119
Feasibility Study of Mobius3D for Patient-Specific Quality Assurance in the Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy
Chang Yeol Lee , Woo Chul Kim , Hun Jeong Kim , Jeongshim Lee , Hyun Do Huh
Progress in Medical Physics 2019;30(4):120-127
Segmental Analysis Trial of Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy for Quality Assurance of Linear Accelerator
Mohammad Mahfujur Rahman , Chan Hyeong Kim , Hyun Do Huh , Seonghoon Kim
Progress in Medical Physics 2019;30(4):128-138
Assessment of the Cerebrospinal Fluid Effect on the Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer Map Obtained from the Full Z-Spectrum in the Elderly Human Brain
Soonchan Park , Joon Jang , Jang-Hoon Oh , Chang-Woo Ryu , Geon-Ho Jahng
Progress in Medical Physics 2019;30(4):139-149
Technical Notes
The Accuracy of the Calculated Dose for a Cardiac Implantable Electronic Device
Jiwon Sung , Jaeman Son , Jong Min Park , Jung-in Kim , Chang Heon Choi
Progress in Medical Physics 2019;30(4):150-154
Radiological Characteristics of Materials Used in 3-Dimensional Printing with Various Infill Densities
So-Yeon Park , Noorie Choi , Byeong Geol Choi , Dong Myung Lee , Na Young Jang
Progress in Medical Physics 2019;30(4):155-159
Acceptance Test and Clinical Commissioning of CT Simulator
Hyun Joon An , Jaeman Son , Hyeongmin Jin , Jiwon Sung , Minsoo Chun
Progress in Medical Physics 2019;30(4):160-
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Imaging Characteristics of Computed Radiography Systems
Jiyoung Jung*, Hye-Suk Park*, Hyo-Min Cho*, Chang-Lae Lee*,Sora Nam, Young-Jin Lee*, Hee-Joung Kim*
An Empirical Study on Quantitative Evaluation of Cognitive Function
Wan-Seok Ryu*, Hyunggun Kim, Sung-Taek Chung*
Comparison Study of Image Quality of Direct and Indirect Conversion Digital Mammography System
Hye-Suk Park*, Yuna Oh, Hee-Jeong Jo, Sang Tae Kim, Yu-Na Choi*, Hee-Joung Kim*