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Fig. 6.

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Fig. 6. Sagittal view of H&N tumor treatment plan system (a) parallel to the line and across the maxillary sinus (the top of the ROI), (b) parallel to the IOM line and across the mandible (the middle of the ROI), and (c) parallel to the IOM line and across the C7 (the end of the ROI). The local gamma passing rates for various passing criteria were compared for 1%/1 mm and show (d–f) ED calibrations of 80 and 120 kVp and (g–i) ED calibrations of 120 and 140 kVp. Passing criteria: gamma ≤1. Green 90.0%–100.0%, yellow 75.0%–90.0%, and red 0.0%–75.0%. IOM, inferior orbitomeatal; ROI, circular region of interest; ED, electron density.
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