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An Empirical Study on Quantitative Evaluation of Cognitive Function
Korean Journal of Medical Physics 2010;21(1):42-51
Published online March 25, 2010
© 2010 Korean Society of Medical Physics.

Wan-Seok Ryu*, Hyunggun Kim, Sung-Taek Chung*

*Department of Computer Engineering, Korea Polytechnic University, Siheung, KoreaDepartment of Internal Medicine, The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, Texas, USA
Imaging studies using MRI, PET, and/or MEG have been primary evaluation methods to quantitatively assess cognitive function. Recent advances in computational technology and information technology may allow a novel evaluation methodology to quantitate cognitive function more cost-effectively. In this study, we developed a software package composed of a series of tests to evaluate cognitive ability combined with a user-friendly touch screen input device. This cognitive assessment tool can quantitate concentration, numeric memory, associative memory, topological memory, visual and muscular reaction, and acoustic reaction over a relatively short testing time. We performed an empirical study on eighty normal subjects aged 20 and 59 years old using the developed evaluation methods. Age-related cognitive deterioration after 40 years old was confirmed. There was no difference in cognitive ability between male and female in the same age group. This study demonstrates the feasibility of a simple but effective evaluation software tool to quantitatively assess cognitive ability. This methodology may provide improved accessibility and reduced costs to perform cognitive function studies to compare between various subject groups.
Keywords : Cognitive function, Concentration, Memory

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