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Small Animal PET Imaging Study of 68Ga-BAPEN
Korean Journal of Medical Physics 2011;22(4):172-177
Published online December 25, 2011
© 2011 Korean Society of Medical Physics.

Ji Who Kim, Jae Sung Lee, Bo Yeun Yang, Su Jin Kim, Joong Hyun Kim, Jae Min Jeong, Dong Soo Lee

Department of Nuclear Medicine, Interdisciplinary Program in Radiation Applied Life Science, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
The purpose of this study was to analyze 68Ga-BAPEN dynamic PET image in rat myocardium to evaluate potential of this radiotracer as a perfusion imaging agent. Animal PET/CT scan was done in 9 rats during 120 minutes. Especially we synthesized 68Ga-BAPEN with kit which is simple and low cost method. PET images showed the in vivo dynamic distribution of 68Ga-BAPEN in the chest region of rats. Initially 68Ga-BAPEN PET images showed aorta and liver activities and a few minutes later, 68Ga-BAPEN moved to myocardium. Regions of interest were drawn on myocardium, liver, lung and blood pool. Time-activity curves showed significant uptake of 68Ga-BAPEN in myocardium. The contrast ratios of myocardial to blood pool, lung and liver at 60 minutes after injection were 1.66, 2.82 and 0.60. To estimate accurate kinetic parameters, 60 minutes after injection was required to PET scan as myocardium image contrast ratios reached to constant values. As a result, 68Ga-BAPEN would be suitable radiotracer for PET which can applied to diagnosis of myocardial perfusion diseases after further preclinical and clinical investigations.
Keywords : 68Ga-BAPEN, Myocardium, PET, Rat

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